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Nutrition After Surgery: Eat Whole Foods

Updated: Nov 13, 2021


After surgery, your body is sending increased blood flow to your incisions in order to heal them. Blood houses oxygen and healthy nutrients that allow for our bodies to heal from trauma. This is why eating a nutrient rich, whole food diet is so important. Whole foods are plant-based foods that are unprocessed and unrefined before consumption.

  • Try to eliminate boxed foods that have several ingredients and words that are difficult to pronounce. Food loses its nutritional value with boiling, dying, bleaching, added sugar and with frying.

  • Do your best to eat salads containing dark green leafy lettuce, a rainbow of veggies, and lean protein.

  • Add healthy oils such as cold pressed olive and sunflower to make salad dressing. Your skin LOVES foods high in vitamin C, A, E and healthy omega three fats. Vitamin C is the one ingredient that promotes collagen production within your body. It aids in keeping skin strong and healthy.

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